UMDM Sponsored Families

Currently, there are over 60 families who participate with our organization as UMDM families. UMDM families have children who have used pediatric rehabilitation programs. These families directly interact with the students and community members who get involved with the organization. Over the course of the year, lasting relationships develop and grow between the dancers, who raise funds and awareness for the therapy programs, and the families, who work so hard each day to provide the best for their children. Bonds created in UMDM uniquely impact both the families and the students. The children and families experience the support and enthusiasm of students and volunteers who are eager to make a difference. At the same time, dancers witness the tremendous strength and determination displayed by the children, and truly get a sense of how they are making a difference.

UMDM families volunteer to participate in our events and activities, but they are not the only families who benefit from the programs sponsored by the organization. Since the funds raised directly underwrite the costs of the therapy programs, many families have access to and participate in our programs without getting directly involved with the students in the organization. UMDM families make a decision to get more involved, and open themselves up to those who want to support them. If you’re interested in becoming a UMDM family, your family will be invited to attend various events held throughout the year. Most importantly, your child will be given the opportunity to interact with our dancers. UMDM does much more than fund rehabilitation programs – it has even been said that it is a type of rehabilitation in itself. To find out more about how to get your family involved, please contact our Family and Hospital Relations Chairs at [email protected]