Stories on Instagram

The feature itself was launched on August 2, 2016 and has become extremely popular with users, which is why Instagram is actively developing it and constantly refining it. Here are just a few recent updates to Instagram stories:

  1. Archiving. Saved Stories now don’t disappear after 24 hours, but are sent to the archive, from where they can be easily returned;
  2. Stories Highlights. Purpose – to collect your own Stories and fix them in your personal account;
  3. Gifs. Now you can add animated stickers to your account. They can be searched by a keyword when added;
  4. Fonts. Several dozen new fonts to choose from when you click on the icon.

This list of innovations looks pretty sparse for some major CRM system. But since the task of Instagram is not to become a super contrived service in terms of features, but rather to make everything as simple and necessary, then just these 4 points have already changed the complete attitude to it. If you want to get a lot of new subscribers, this tool will not be very effective. In this situation, it makes sense to use the service and buy followers. Stories will help you increase your audience engagement.

Modes of Stories

As you have already realized, the developers of Instagram are doing their best to make Stories an everyday feature of Instagram. So they went the usual way – they borrowed ideas for their Stories from other services that have already proven to be viable. Thus, for example, Stories and masks were borrowed from Snapchat, and live streaming from Periscope. And really, why come up with something new when you can take an idea that already works? With these ideas, Instagram has collected 8 visualization modes and ways to deliver information through Stories:

  1. Text. Write any text on a background of 4 colors;
  2. Live. Communicating with the audience in the moment;
  3. Normal. Click on the circle at the bottom and you get a photo, and pinch it – the video;
  4. Boomerang. Short videos in looped format;
  5. Superzoom. Three-second dramatic videos by bringing the camera closer to the subject and special music;
  6. Reverse Recording. Video “in reverse,” in reverse order;
  7. Hands-free. 15-second video without keeping your finger on the record button;
  8. Library. Photos, videos, or boomerangs right from your phone’s memory.

How this business tool works

Now it makes sense to take a closer look at the benefits this tool can bring to a business. After all, if you want to grow your business account, you should always make sure to use the most up-to-date tools.

  • The reach of publications in the feed increases. Stories can create intrigue or draw people to the main posts in the feed. In addition, there are now people who only look at Stories instead of the newsfeed;
  • Targeted advertising is much cheaper. There’s not much competition in Stories yet. For all its apparent simplicity with this type of targeting advertising in Instagram, you have to sweat;
  • Engaging your audience. To shake up your subscribers, you can conduct polls, quests, quizzes and more in Stories. People are interested in such activities, so it has excellent results. By the way, this service, too, helps raise audience engagement.

Not a bad tool, right? All that’s left is to start using it. And do it right, because simply posting pictures of products from your store, a series of 50 pictures one by one, will only scare away your subscribers and encourage them to unsubscribe. Do you need it? No, that’s why we have to approach everything wisely. If you want to get the attention of your followers instagram and communicate with them regularly, you need to use this tool.