Features and consequences of eyelash tattooing

The consequences of inter-eyelash tattooing can be positive and negative. Such a result can be attributed to the first – a beautiful eye contour with the effect of an open gaze. However, like any cosmetic procedure, it has its negative manifestations in possible redness and edema.

In general, if you properly prepare for the procedure and then follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist for further care, you can not be afraid of negative manifestations. In any case, you need to weigh the pros and cons before signing up for the procedure.

Features and types of eyelash tattooing

To be beautiful is the cherished dream of many women. In pursuit of the ideal, some of them decide to make lash line tattoo melbourne – a particular procedure that helps to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and visually enlarge the eyelashes. Permanent makeup differs from cosmetic makeup in that it allows a woman to be irresistible in any weather – both rainy and sunny. It does not wash off or rub off during bathing, sleeping, tears.

Features and types of eyelash tattooing

Permanent makeup is a “subsection” of permanent makeup. The procedure is simple. During it, a special pigment injected into the skin of the eyelids, which can maintain the saturation of its colour for many years. The specialist tries to fill in all the space between the eyelashes to look neater and longer.

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The described procedure differs from traditional types of permanent in the method of application. If during makeup, arrows and contours outlined on the skin of the eyelids, then the tattoo is applied along the line of growth of the eyelashes. At the same time, the pigment is slightly shaded. As a result, the base of the eyelids darkens somewhat. There are different methods of application. The most popular is nano-spray. It allows you to look natural as possible.

All types of tattoo:

Classic powdery (or nano) dusting. The eyelashes are shaded only in the upper row. The pigment lies in a narrow strip at its very base.

Eyelash tattoo with shading. The pigmented contour is visually blurred. It is more comprehensive than in the previous case.

Eyelash supplemented with arrows. An arrow-like pigment is applied along the entire hairline and on the skin of the eyelids.

Contour application. The pigment injected into the skin of both eyelids (upper and lower) between every two hairs.

Benefits of eyelash tattooing

Inter-eyelash tattooing is a general procedure. It is because it has numerous advantages over traditional cosmetics and the almost complete absence of consequences (in high-quality performance). Among them are:

  1. visual increase and thickening of eyelashes;
  2. resistance to external stimuli: rain, snow, high humidity, tears, bathing, etc .;
  3. the ability to stay on the skin from 1 to 5 years (as opposed to the same henna, for example);
  4. visual correction of the width, cut, shape of the eyes;
  5. the invariability of a beautiful appearance;
  6. no need for daily professional makeup;
  7. safety for health (only natural substances included in the dyes);
  8. possibility of use by women with the most sensitive skin.

Even though the procedure has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages. They mainly associated with the inexperience of the masters, the presence of side effects, and the procedure’s painfulness. In rare cases, tattooing may not be suitable for a person for personal reasons. To ensure that the system not disappoint, it is essential to determine in advance whether you need it. If yes, then you should choose the method of application and the tone of the pigment. It did depend on the specific type of person.

Inter-eyelash tattoo is ideal for women who have:

  • thin eyelashes, almost invisible on the eyes (thickens them visually);
  • light eyebrows and eyelashes (gives expressiveness to the look);
  • busy work schedule (allows you not to think about daily makeup). Everyone should do a preliminary trial to understand the upcoming changes. If a woman has dark skin or thick eyelashes, she should refuse the procedure. The desired result will still not achieved. It will be invisible. Light-haired women or those with fair skin should be careful when choosing a pigment. Otherwise, you can get charcoal or black outlines that will look unnatural in front of your eyes.