UK Gambling Commission and Jurisdiction of Malta in casino licensing

Licensing in the UK jurisdiction is the most respected among the players, due to the strict requirements imposed on license applicants. Just gambling legislation of this country is aimed at protecting the interests of players. Gambling licenses are issued by the Gambling Commission. This organization controls and supervises companies (online casinos) that have received a license. We also want to note that if you want to have access to a reliable online casino, you should look for leo vegas reviews at, where you can also find reviews on other casinos.

How to check the license of online casinos from the UK?

You can check the license of an online casino on the official page. It will be necessary to specify the name of the institution or a link to it. If the casino was licensed in the UK, a full report will be provided that states:

  • The name of the casino.
  • Web address of the establishment.
  • The validity of the license.
  • Violations by the casino.

The last point is quite interesting. Anyone can read about the violations found during the examination by the licensor of online casinos. On the official website, players can leave a complaint about the institution. Typically, the Commission responds to a player’s appeal within a week. Gambling Commission very fond of imposing fines on gambling establishments, and their size is quite substantial. Perhaps now some users are puzzled and ask themselves: Why get a license in the UK, if everything is so harsh there? The answer is simple – the prestige and wealth of players from that country. Judge for yourself, a player is much more likely to choose an online casino, which is licensed by the Gambling Commission, as will be sure that in case of conflict with the institution, it will be possible to get guaranteed help. 

Jurisdiction of Malta

Another respected licensee among players is located in the jurisdiction of the island of Malta. Licensing various areas of gambling, including online casinos, is the responsibility of the Malta Gaming Authority. As befits an adequate licensor, a lot of information can be found on the official website. Starting from verification of license validity, to applied sanctions to a certain online casino.

How do I check a casino for a Maltese license?

You can check online casinos on the official website. It is important to understand whether an online casino is operating under the license of some company or has gone through the licensing process with the regulator on its own. Example: Softswiss casinos, which have a Maltese license, operate under the license of N1 Interactive Limited. Therefore, to check the license in the form look for Licensee Name. Checking by URL in this case will fail.

Rather complicated and raises a number of questions? Okay, a method for the lazy: if the casino is licensed in Malta, go to the online casino site footer and click on the licensor icon. On this page you can find out:

  • Who the license was issued to – which company received the license;
  • Which casinos operate under this license and what their URLs;
  • Which providers are licensed by Malta and are available at these casinos;
  • License number.

In case of doubt regarding the authenticity of the validation page, go to the official website and knowing the name of the licensed company, check the license. Incidentally, quite a cool thing the Maltese have done regarding casino software providers: if you saw in a casino with a license from Malta incomprehensible software, which is not in the list, you can safely complain to the casino and it will be at least fined.

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